Monday, September 5, 2011

20110905 Chicken Wings with Onions and Tomatoes

We went grocery shopping at another supermarket last weekend, and guess what we found - chicken wings! I know it sounds silly to get excited about finding chicken wings, but you have no idea how many butchers and supermarkets I have been to to look for them. So I have made a stew with this recipe again, and added a dash of paprika powder and simmered for 2 hours instead. The chicken wings were so tender and the meat fell off the bone upon touch - exactly how I wanted it. I think I have made enough to feed 6 people, so now I have leftover for my lunch tomorrow and dinner for 2 on another evening!

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  1. I have my own chucks and eat everything from it(including head in the soup) And my chinese friend thought me how to prepare chicken feet.Never had any thing so nice:)I do understand your exitemant:)