Tuesday, September 21, 2010

20100921 Vegetable Curry

(SOURCE: Koken & Genieten)

2 onions, diced
500g baby carrots
500g starchy potatoes, chopped
1 cauliflower, chopped
2 tbsp butter
1 1/2 tbsp kerrie
salt and pepper
400ml coconut milk
1 vegetable stock block
200g frozen peas

1. Heat the butter in a big pan, and brown the onions. Stir in kerrie and fry for about 3 minutes. Add potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower. Season with salt, pepper, and sugar. Pour in the coconut milk and 500ml water. Bring it to the boil and add the stock block. Simmer for about 20 minutes. Add frozen peas and cook for about 5 minutes.

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